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At ILYZLY, we blend style and affordability to bring you the best in men's fashion.We believe in making trendy, premium clothing accessible to everyone.

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Discover the latest trends and support emerging Indian fashion startups at ILYZLY. We offer high-quality, stylish men's apparel at prices that won’t break the bank. Your go-to marketplace for the best in Indian fashion.

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Our vision is to revolutionise men’s fashion by making it affordable and trendy. We’re committed to supporting Indian fashion startups, helping them grow and thrive while providing our customers with the best styles at the best prices

ILYZLY Work Culture

At ILYZLY, we pride ourselves on a strong, supportive work culture. We believe in nurturing our employees to unlock their full potential, focusing on improvement rather than replacement when productivity dips. Our healthy work environment fosters open communication, with the founder personally engaging with every team member. Employees enjoy the freedom to innovate and contribute ideas, helping us continuously elevate our brand.

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Ilyzly Growth Journey

Mohamed Ilyas, an aeronautical engineer with a passion for fashion, founded ILY SILLY STUDIO in Mannady, Chennai. Initially starting with a small team of four employees, Ilyas aimed to introduce streetstyle and casual fashion for men, blending his engineering precision with creative fashion sensibilities.
Ilyas saw an opportunity to rebrand and scale the business further. Rebranded as Ilyzly, the brand underwent a transformation to modernize its identity while maintaining its commitment to streetstyle and casual fashion. This strategic move coincided with rapid expansion, leading Ilyzly to open five stores across Chennai. This expansion enabled Ilyzly to reach a broader audience and solidify its position as a leading destination for men's fashion in the city.
Ilyzly had achieved remarkable growth and success. The brand expanded its presence to over six stores across Chennai, strategically positioned to cater to a diverse customer base. Alongside its physical expansion, Ilyzly also established partnerships with prominent Indian fashion brands, further enhancing its market influence and product offerings. The workforce grew significantly, with over 100 employees dedicated to delivering exceptional service and maintaining Ilyzly's reputation for quality and style.

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